Tripas à moda do Porto

Tripas à moda do Porto

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This traditional tripe stew is a signature dish of Porto, a city whose citizens are even nicknamed tripeiros because of their love for tripe. The dish typically consists of veal tripe, white beans, smoked ham, and pork sausage, pork or calf knuckles, carrots, onions, various spices such as paprika and cumin, and different cuts of pork and chicken.

Though numerous legends describe the invention of the dish, the most popular one claims that when Henry the Navigator went to conquer Ceuta, the locals supplied him with all the meat except tripe, which they then used to create this rustic stew. From the 15th century, the dish evolved into an iconic dish that is a staple in traditional restaurants in Porto.

It is best enjoyed with cooked rice on the side. You can of course find this delicious dish on our menu.


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